The collegiate requirements are those courses all students must successfully complete in order to receive a degree from Randolph-Macon College. Students are governed by the curriculum in effect when they entered the college.

Students who entered the college prior to fall 2021 are governed by the collegiate requirements linked below:

Collegiate Requirements

Courses Approved for AOKs/CARs

Students who entered the college fall 2021 and later are governed by the collegiate requirements linked below:

Curriculum21 Requirements

Courses Approved for Curriculum21

Registrar's Operations

Course Withdrawal

You can find the course withdrawal form by following this link: Student Requests.  Additionally, you can navigate to the form via the Academics tab > Student page > Course Withdrawal Form under Student Requests.  On the Course Withdrawal Form, you will be able to select the course(s) from which you’d like to withdraw.  A notification will go to the course instructor(s) and your advisor.  If you are dropping below full-time, notification will also be sent to the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Residence Life. 

Transcript Requests

Randolph-Macon College uses Parchment to accept transcript orders over the web.  Through Parchment, students and alumni may request transcripts to be sent electronically or via mail or to be available for in-person pickup.  There is a $6.00 fee per transcript requested.   

Students and alumni may request an official transcript in person or by mail by submitting the Transcript Request Form. There is a $6.00 fee per transcript requested, and fees may be paid by check, money order, or cash.

Enrollment Verification

Student frequently need verification of the college enrollment for a variety of reasons, including maintaining insurance benefits, demonstrating eligibility for scholarships, and renewing military IDs.  Students may download an enrollment certification any time via MMW.  After logging on, click on the Academics tab, then click on the Student link on the left side of the page. Select Enrollment Verification and follow the instructions.  If you need an official letter or if you need more detailed information than what is provided by the online verification,  please submit at Verification of Student Enrollment form to

Visit the Registrar's Office to find this information:
  • Contact Info
  • Academic Calendars
  • Forms
  • Transcripts Requests
  • Final Exam Schedule
  • Academic Full-Time Status


Course schedules and associated details are subject to change based on room availability, enrollment and hiring opportunities.




The schedule of courses for the fall 2024 and January 2025 terms will be available via MyMaconWeb (MMW) on Thursday, April 18th.  Registration for the fall 2024 and January 2025 semesters will begin Thursday, April 25th via MMW.  

Each student must receive advisor clearance to select fall and January courses. Students will not be able to register for classes until this clearance is granted by their advisor. Please work with your academic advisor about meeting to obtain advisor clearance.


Registration Dates for Fall 2024/January 2025



Registration opens Thursday, April 25th


Registration opens Monday, April 29th


Registration opens Wednesday, May 1st


Registration opens Friday, May 3rd


Registration opens Tuesday, May 7th


All registration windows begin at 7:30AM on the designated day as listed above:


  • For the Fall term, once a student’s registration window is open, it remains open for adding and dropping fall term courses through Friday, September 6.  Students will be able to register for up to 17 semester hours in the fall semester during their initial registration window.
  • For the January term, once a student’s registration window is open, it remains open for adding and dropping January term courses through Wednesday, January 8. Students will be able to register for up to 7 hours in the January semester during their initial registration window. 
  • Students will be permitted to register for additional hours beginning August 1st.  Please remember, an additional per-credit fee is charged for enrolling in more than 17 credit hours in the fall or spring term and for enrolling in more than 7 credit hours in January term.


Students planning to participate in a varsity spring sport should sign up for the appropriate PHED 111 course.



What will stop a student from registering?


  • The student has not been given clearance. Students should check with their advisor for this clearance. The Registrar’s office will neither override clearance nor grant clearance for advisors.
  • The student’s class window for registration may not be open. Be sure to check the schedule for appropriate dates. Windows are based on hours earned, not currently registered hours.
  • The requested course has a time conflict.
  • The student does not meet the catalog stated prerequisites.
  • The course is full.
  • The student has an outstanding financial obligation to the Business Office.