Get Connected to the Randolph-Macon College network

Please note: The Randolph-Macon secure wireless network is R-MC and the guest/gaming network is R-MC Connect

Students Only

ITS solicited feedback on our new wireless system over the past year, and we heard you and made several changes to allow you to get connected easier and stay connected! You can now expect a smoother experience connecting to the wireless network, as well as an easier time bringing new devices to campus.​

  • Computers/tablets/smart phones
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Streaming Media Devices (smart TVs including Roku/Chromecast, wireless printers, Amazon Echo/Tap Google Home, etc.)

Faculty and Staff Only - or Students using a wired device

Randolph-Macon College offers faculty and staff access to network and internet resources through wireless or wired connections while on campus. Personal computers or smart devices connecting to the Randolph-Macon network must meet certain criteria before being allowed to access the network. This is done through a process is called "On-Boarding". On-Boarding is required for all personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. Registrations are good for four years and must be renewed to obtain network access.

Please review our suggestions to on-board your devices successfully.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple MacBook or iMac
  • Apple iOS or Google Android (most phones / tablets)

Guest Network

Another source of frustration for our community members has been that once a device has connected to R-MC it was not be allowed internet access on R-MC Connect. In an effort to ease the use of our wireless network, ITS has removed the internet block from this situation. What this means is that if your device accidentally​ reconnects to R-MC Connect after OnBoarding your device onto R-MC​, it will no longer be blocked from the internet, but it will also not be able to reach any internal College resources since it is not a secure network. Connectivity speeds will be significantly slower should you choose to keep your secure device on R-MC Connect so we recommend forgetting the guest network on your secure device or preferring R-MC.

Login to ITS on SharePoint for more information and detailed instructions

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